Legislative guide on Welsh Devolution

Lori Frater | 8 years ago

Lori Frater provides an in depth look at the current and future legislative framework for full devolution in Wales.

Acts reviewed include:

  • The 1998 Government of Wales Act and the introduction of a new National Assembly for Wales with areas of executive competence to introduce secondary legislation;
  • The 2006 Government of Wales Act and the introduction of a conferred model of legislative competence enabling the National Assembly to introduce primary legislation on 20 subject fields;
  • The Wales Act 2014 and the extension of legislative competence into identified areas of taxation; and
  • The future of the devolution settlement with the introduction of the Wales Bill and the proposal to move from a conferred model to a reserved model of devolution.

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About the author

Lori Frater

Lori is a lawyer, consultant and researcher with experience of advising international and national institutions, governments and companies on all aspects of national and international environmental law, including climate change and sustainability development. She has experience of policy development and legislative drafting. At present she specialises in legislative reform in particular on the ecosystem approach, nature based solutions to climate change as well as ecosystem services and natural resource management.