Consultant and environmental lawyer

Lori Frater is a lawyer, consultant and researcher specialising in international environmental law, sustainable development and climate change

She acts as a consultant for policy makers and for numerous international and national organizations including the UN and European Parliament and has represented national governments at international conservation conventions.

She is experienced in policy development, in particular on the sustainable management of natural resources and on carbon budgeting and for the development of primary legislation as well as the drafting of subordinate legislation.

Lori is an experienced project and research manager of large scale projects and has extensive experience of research methodologies, data collection and analysis. She has advised numerous organisations including Environment Agency on waste surveys and the BBC on sustainable transport.

She was the co-founder and Executive Director of a major arts venue in Glasgow and is currently a trustee for Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff.

Her interests are in effective legislation, the application of the ecosystem approach, ecosystem services and the role of ecosystem based approaches to climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Space debris

Human activities produce waste.There is a catalogue of waste legislation in the UK, most of it deriving from the European Union (EU), from the Waste Framework Directive to the Batteries Directive and many, many more in between. However, no matter where we venture we leave a wake of rubbish. As a result of the use […]

Reducing biodiversity decline

In 2010, at the tenth Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP 10), government leaders agreed to a set of targets, known as the Aichi targets, to be met by 2020. The CBD was adopted on 22 May 1992 and entered into force on 29 December 1993. There are currently […]

The sleeping dragon awakes

I invite you to imagine a dragon who lives at the top of the world, sleeping. He has been there for as long as people can remember, benignly omnipresent, thanks to a ritual that the people undergo in order to keep them safe, to keep the dragon under the spell cast at the dawning of […]

Getting tough on wildlife crime

Over the past five years wildlife crime has doubled into a global trade worth $19 billion, making it the fourth largest illegal activity in the world (UNEP). Driven by rising demands for ivory, it is now no longer only a conservation, but also a security issue, threatening political and economic stability in central Africa. Wildlife […]

Genetic Resources for all?

On the 14th April 2014, the European Council adopted the European Commission’s Regulation on Access to Genetic Resources and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from their utilization (COM(2012)0576). This followed adoption on the 11 March by the European Parliament. The Regulation is aimed at establishing a framework which lays down compliance measures […]

Welsh levy on carrier bags

In the last decades various countries have introduced legislation to incentivise people to reduce the number of carrier bags they use. Countries have either chosen to ban the use or introduce a levy on plastic bags. On the 1st October 2011, Wales became the first political and legislative jurisdiction in the UK to introduce a […]


On Monday 7th December, the much anticipated meeting of the parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP15) and the parties of the Kyoto Protocol (CMP5) finally gets underway.  From 7th to the 18th December, 192 governments will try and negotiate for a new global agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol, which […]