The right to a healthy environment

In 2010 the United Nations General Assemblyexplicitly recognized the human right to clean drinking water and sanitation and acknowledged that this is essential to the realisation of all human rights. However, to date, there is no specific human right relating to air quality – why is that? It is now recognised that environmental harm can […]

Flooding – Caste Debates

Climate change predictions indicate that rising sea levels and more frequent and severe rainstorms will increase the risk of flooding on a global scale. Management of land and river systems by building and maintaining flood and coastal defences is deemed essential but in the UK other preventative measures relating to inland flooding are subject to […]

The New Normal

1. Introduction Two successively dry winters mean the chalk aquifers of Southern and Eastern England have not refilled with water. Some of the reservoirs in these regions only have 40% of their expected volume of water for this time of year. A very serious drought is upon us. Hosepipe bans will be introduced on April 5th […]

Water Poisoning Camelford

The impact of certain chemicals and cocktails of chemicals on human health can be very gradual. Asbestos (mesothelioma) is the classic example – exposure to a single fibre can take decades to manifest as cancer. Another instance of the gradual impact of chemicals on human health was reported on March 14th by the BBC:  see:http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-11719398 […]

Endangered Seas

The oceans of the world are bearing much of the brunt of mankind’s hunt for resources and burning of fossil fuels. The damage being inflicted on the Oceans is out of sight and out of mind for most people, but when it is looked for, the evidence of environmental damage and our collective failure to […]

Water for life

The Reed Elsevier Environmental Challenge was launched today, inviting submissions of innovative ideas to improve access to safe and sustainable water supply for communities where access is presently at risk. The winning project will receive a prize of $50,000, with a second place prize of $25,000. Relevant Reed Elsevier products such as Water Research, the […]

World Water Day

For many of us in the so-called developed world, the ability to turn on the tap for clean, fresh water to drink, cook and wash with is taken for granted.  However, for many people, access to a ready supply of disease-free water remains a distant dream. The stark truth is that over a billion people […]

Marine Management Organisation

Part 1 of the Marine and Coastal Access bill provides for the creation of a Marine Management Organisation (the MMO) with the primary aim of providing a consistent, coordinated approach to the management of activities at sea. Its creation has been heralded as a recognition of the goal of holistic management; something that has been […]

Battle of the Swedes

H&M published its sustainability report in late April; IKEA’s was published in July. Taking a look at each confirms that this pair of international retailers of Swedish origin (although IKEA is now also Dutch-owned) have very different approaches to sustainability reporting. On a presentation note, IKEA wins, hands down. The information is easier to read, […]