ERIC on Sustainable Development

Begonia Filgueira | 8 years ago

There is a huge amount of English legislation directly or indirectly imbued with Sustainable Development (“SD”) duties and an equally large amount of overlapping guidance on “SD”. The lack of one core SD framework creates a lack of clarity on what those SD statutory duties are how they are discharged. 

ERIC was commissioned by WWF to shed light on the nature and scope of such duties, how government used their discretion in their discharge, factors taken into account in the application of such duties and the rationality of implementing decisions. Eric was also asked to look into models for a future generation ombudsman who could monitor SD duties in view of the lack of a coherent legal framework. 

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Begonia Filgueira

Begonia is a specialist in Environmental Law, governance and negotiation. Her career now spans 20 years having started as an environmental lawyer in the City. She is a dually qualified UK Solicitor and Spanish Abogada who provides legal advice, trains professionals and carries out complex research in the areas of International and EU environmental law. She also advises on treaty negotiations and implementation of EU law. Begonia has advised UNEP, UNDP, the European Commission, DEFRA and DOENI. She also advises industry and NGOs on environmental policy and regulation. BREXIT negotiations is her current area of specialism.