Director and Founder, Solicitor Senior Courts of England and Wales, Abogada

Begonia Filgueira Reinaldo Tulloch is co-director and founder of ERIC - solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales and a Spanish Abogada.

Begonia has over 20 years’ experience in the field of environmental law and her clients span across the public and private sector.

She is a specialist advisor in all aspects of environmental law, treaty reform, the implementation of EU directives into national law and infringements. She has also developed a particular expertise on work plans/budgets for Multilateral Environmental Agreements and ESG Investments.

She advises businesses on environmental regulation including compliance, know how, common law issues, waste, project finance, environmental liabilities, contaminated land and human rights.

Begonia also trains professionals in environmental law and negotiation and is a senior visiting lecturer at City University (London). She is ex Vice-Chair of the UK Environmental Lawyers Association.

Brexit, ESG Investments and Green Bonds are her current areas of research.