Climate wars

In June 2014, after a 20-year staring competition with China and other developing countries, the USA blinked, announcing new domestic rules to reduce greenhouse gas emissions without requiring developing countries to do the same. Frustrated by US Congress’s stalemate on climate action, President Barack Obama took measures to advance a major step in his Climate […]

Climate Change Regime Evolution

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), while a milestone for climate change governance, represents both advancement and compromise. Through its very existence, states have acknowledged that human activities, such as fossil-fuel based energy production and use, dangerously increase greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Over time, the global climate change […]

Sustainable Energy for All

Scientists estimate that to maintain a 50% chance of averting catastrophic climate change the global average temperature must not increase by more than 2°C by 2050. This equates to a global greenhouse gas concentration of 450 parts per million of carbon dioxide equivalent, or 565 gigatonnes of carbon emissions. But the global carbon emissions locked […]

Smoking chimney stacks

The spectre of smoking chimney stacks has largely been banished into the history books of public health and pollution control. However urban skylines are expected to see a rapid increase in the number of new stacks as the drive for sustainable energy gathers momentum. However, the solutions offered by some renewable fuel systems can run […]