Lelystad wind turbine testing facility

Early in February, an innovative new wind turbine prototype testing and certification site, the largest of its kind anywhere in Europe, opened its doors for business.  Located on the leafy campus of Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands, Test Site Lelystad is scheduled to start testing the next generation of wind turbines later […]

Can technology save the planet?

In general, the existence of intellectual property rights (IPRs) provides a powerful incentive for the transfer and utilization of clean energy technology between companies and across different countries.  The main purpose of IPRs is to provide an exclusive right of ownership to those companies or organisations that have invested resources and time in the development […]

Sahara solar breeding

Desertification and land degradation caused by climate change may be ‘the greatest environmental challenge of our time’ and a ‘threat to global well being,’ but it looks as if deserts can help the planet too.  At least that’s the theory of the University of Tokyo researchers behind the Sahara Solar Breeder project, an initiative that […]

Wave technology

Following announcements by two UK-based companies, wave power looks set to become an increasingly important renewable energy source.  But how long will it be before it is commercially viable and what ecological benefits might it bring? The UK wave power sector According to the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC), the UK enjoys the […]

French wind power

With just over 5000 MW of wind power currently installed (5086 MW), France is the fourth largest market in Europe after Germany, Spain and Italy.  Surprisingly, however, none of the installed capacity is yet located offshore. Until now, France’s cumbersome legal framework governing offshore economic activity has severely hampered offshore wind development. Despite plans for […]

Mobile battery charging

Many of us are used to that sinking feeling when our car runs out of petrol and we are forced to trudge along the roadside to fill up a jerry can at the nearest petrol station.  Although inconvenienced, most people caught out in this way know that fuel is at most only a few miles […]

View from the street

Against a background of diminishing fossil-fuel reserves, rising energy costs and more stringent CO2 emissions targets, many housing associations across the UK are increasingly interested in the idea of investing in renewable energy.  Until now, many social landlords have been put off by prohibitive costs, but that looks set to change following the introduction of […]

Low Carbon Economy

The last few years have witnessed an increase in interest in writing renewable energy business and many in the industry anticipate that the promotion of a low carbon economy will lead to a further upturn in business and employment opportunities in renewable energy insurance. In meeting its commitment to an 80% reduction in carbon emissions […]

UK Coastal Wind

Earlier this year, the UK’s Crown Estate announced the successful bidders for each of the nine Round 3 offshore wind zones within UK coastal waters.  The massive roll out of electricity generation from offshore wind is seen by many as a significant long term investment opportunity, which has the potential to create thousands of jobs […]

Offshore wind farms

Earlier this year, the UK government announced that it has pledged £60 million to kick-start the upgrade of UK port facilities between now and the construction phase of ‘Round 3’ – the latest, and by far the biggest, stage of UK offshore wind power development.  Since the announcement, some within the industry have questioned whether  […]