Symbol, the struggle for economic power between the United States and China

Climate wars

A new hope

In June 2014, after a 20-year staring competition with China and other developing countries, the USA blinked, announcing new domestic rules to reduce greenhouse gas emissions without requiring develop...

space debris2

Space debris

Is it the final frontier of the global common?

Human activities produce waste.There is a catalogue of waste legislation in the UK, most of it deriving from the European Union (EU), from the Waste Framework Directive to the Batteries Directive and ...


Shale Gas

Gold rush or climate destroyer

It is not only the job of the historian to remember what others forget. There are plenty of vital lessons which today’s environmental policymakers can extract from past successes and old failures of...


Environmental Regulation and Information Centre

Business and technology

ERIC’s services include

Legal and regulatory advice ● In-house PSL function ● Training ● Research ● Director and board briefings ● Green business start-up and investment advice ● Company compliance reviews ● Sustainability advice and reporting