Supreme Court Appointment

Begonia Filgueira | 11 years ago

As a trustee of the United Kingdom Environmental Law Association (UKELA)  I am delighted to announce that  UKELA’s  President, Sir Robert Carnwath CVO, has been appointed as a Justice to the Supreme Court.   UKELA’s Board of Trustee’s “.. welcomed the appointment of a judge to the Supreme Court who has long standing experience of a range of areas of law which directly affect the environment”.

Sir Robert Carnwath has been Senior President of the Tribunals for seven years.  During that time, a specialist tribunal concerned with the environment was formed concentrating expertise in resolving environmental issues.

Sir Robert has been instrumental in reforming important areas of law, having been Chairman of the Law Commission, and having written the report which resulted in the enforcement provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. He became UKELA’s President in 2006.

Many congratulations Sir Robert!

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Begonia Filgueira

Begonia is a specialist in Environmental Law, governance and negotiation. Her career now spans 20 years having started as an environmental lawyer in the City. She is a dually qualified UK Solicitor and Spanish Abogada who provides legal advice, trains professionals and carries out complex research in the areas of International and EU environmental law. She also advises on treaty negotiations and implementation of EU law. Begonia has advised UNEP, UNDP, the European Commission, DEFRA and DOENI. She also advises industry and NGOs on environmental policy and regulation. BREXIT negotiations is her current area of specialism.