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Begonia Filgueira | 10 years ago

The Environmental Regulation and Information Centre – ERIC – is a legal environmental consultancy. There are not many out there but we have been successfully going for 7 years now. So what are “legal consultants” and what type of work do we do?

Although most of our team members are legally qualified as Solicitors or Barristers, we are not a law firm. We offer our consultants flexible working on a project basis so we can get the best and most appropriate expertise available. ERIC stands out from the crowd because all of our consultants are guided in their work by the pursuit of excellence, integrity and value for money. We carry out a wide variety of environmental work and perhaps it is best to explain by example.

In house support – we alleviate the load and support our clients with high level environmental expertise becoming part of the team.

  • Law firms (small – medium and large) in house lawyers – we provide them with environmental expertise where either they do not have it in house or there is a temporary need.

Research and know-how – we carry out research for international and supranational bodies, regulators and businesses; provide in house training and write updates and newsletters for our clients.

  • Cutting edge research – we are currently working on a project on NUDGE theory.
  • Law firms – we keep the lawyers of a top 5 law firm up to date with the latest developments in environmental law and policy.
  • Local Authorities – we have provided training to a number of Local Authorities on contaminated land.

Tutoring and mentoring – Professor Bob Lee and Begonia Filgueira have academic posts at Cardiff University and City University respectively.

  • Lawyer coaching and development – we can mentor for entry into the profession and during your professional life as an environmental lawyer.

Legal and regulatory advice – we provide legal advice on a wide variety of subjects including conservation, energy, sustainability, climate change, contaminated land, waste law, water law, environmental consents and planning.

  • Transboundary Waste Shipment – we have advised on a dispute between 2 Governments on the illegal dumpling and later repatriation of waste. Our advice led to the first ever successful repatriation of waste in Europe between Governments.
  • Contaminated land – we have advised Manchester City Council on their liabilities of contaminated land from their housing stock.
  • Advice – we have provided environmental advise during litigation.

Environmental  management consultants – working both with international institutions and businesses on environmental governance and on implementing change.

  • Future Shape of the Convention on Migratory Species – we have just finished a 3 year project with UNEP on the Convention on Migratory Species where we assisted Parties in rationalising the workings of an international convention which has 19 underlying treaties with various Secretariats competing for ever decreasing resources.
  • Creating environmental business – we’re currently helping a large law firm build an environmental practice.

Sustainability – we help businesses incorporate sustainability into their business practices and boards, regularly advising directors on corporate social responsibility.

  • Directors – we regularly brief and train board members on their environmental responsibilities;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Audit – we independently evaluate CSR Company reports, produced both internally and externally.
  • Sustainability Centres – we evaluated setting up a props centre for the  Arts Council for Wales recycling props to assist local arts productions.

Our website – we believe in helping as much as we can so we provide free information on our website aiming at fostering cross-disciplinary environmental debate.

  • Newsletter – we send out a monthly newsletter that has been highly rated by our readers.
  • Advertising – our website advertises top environmental courses and jobs, including internships.

About the author

Begonia Filgueira

Begonia is a specialist in Environmental Law, governance and negotiation. Her career now spans 20 years having started as an environmental lawyer in the City. She is a dually qualified UK Solicitor and Spanish Abogada who provides legal advice, trains professionals and carries out complex research in the areas of International and EU environmental law. She also advises on treaty negotiations and implementation of EU law. Begonia has advised UNEP, UNDP, the European Commission, DEFRA and DOENI. She also advises industry and NGOs on environmental policy and regulation. BREXIT negotiations is her current area of specialism.